Your Guide To Getting 

An ADHD Assessment

Feeling like you might have ADHD is hard enough, getting tested shouldn't be...

This Free Guide Gives You:

  • Reputable resources to empower you to self-assess before your testing
  • A clear pathway to getting an accurate assessment with a qualified clinician
  • Immediate next steps to improve productivity
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Getting an ADHD diagnosis is a long process and unfortunately women's symptoms often present differently and can be missed by clinicians.


Created for women who think they have ADHD, this guide takes 5 minutes to read and provides invaluable tools for getting accurate, comprehensive ADHD testing.


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Benefit A

"I no longer feel like a victim of circumstance."

Erica has given me the tools and confidence to succeed with ADHD. When I first started seeing Erica, I thought I might have ADHD. She helped instill in me the courage and persistence to seek a diagnosis.


She has a deep and nuanced understanding of ADHD, depression, and anxiety. She was able to present information that is easy to understand and absorb. I always felt heard, support and affirmed by her. Working with Erica has truly transformed my life.

- Client Bobbi M

Benefit B

"He could not diagnose me with ADHD because I had PTSD."

When I first saw Erica I had just gotten an ADHD evaluation by my doctor. He said that he could not diagnose me with ADHD because I had PTSD and a history of depression. At that time I assumed I didn’t have ADHD and thought it must be the PTSD.


Erica helped me understand that my ADHD was persisting despite the successful treatment of my other conditions. This past year Erica supported me as I decided to get reassessed for ADHD. Getting this diagnosis not only has helped me to understand my life experiences…it has also opened up new doors to help me understand and manage my ADHD. I can’t recommend Erica highly enough. She understands the complexities of ADHD, is compassionate, and has an exceptional ability to provide guidance and support. Working with Erica has empowered me to embrace my true self and know that I can succeed with ADHD.

- Client No Mu